About Us

The Car Wash Industry has not changed in 100 years. Until Now.


About Us.

Learn more about No-H2O and our vision for the future of the On-Demand Car Wash

It is the vision of No-H2O that the company will, through the diversified business lines it has developed, capture all the value chain of the convenience car wash market world-wide. In simple terms, if you want to wash your car then you will do so using either No-H2O products or services offered in parking lots or through its on-demand app.

No-H2O is the first company to build a bespoke On-Demand in house app for car washing and valeting, and has also proven its innovation in markets in Europe where it has been operating the On-Demand model since 2016 – No-H2O has a significant advantage in this market as it has developed this on the back of an already successful business operating in both the car wash & valeting markets but also manufacturing and supplying its range of waterless products globally.

No-H2O’s vision is to be the ‘go to’ brand in the entire car care space. No other company has managed to do this to date in a market that suffers from fragmentation due to lack of technology advancement and poor product innovation.

No-H2O together with its unique waterless formula and tech infrastructure, together with a 10-year history in this industry, will offer all consumer and B2B customers its branded products and services through a range of distribution and service channels.

Our Core Values


We work hard and smart, going the extra mile to get the job done right in a timely fashion


We are stewarding water resources for future generations


We say what we mean, and we mean what we say, and we embrace healthy conflict


We are disrupting the car wash & valeting industry, thinking outside the box but within the rails

Team and Customer Focused

We take care of each other, so we can take care of our customers

A little snapshot of
our journey:

  • 60 franchised locations
  • Multiple big box retailers selling No-H2O
  • We provide services to multiple blue chip companies across the world
  • We are pretty awesome!
No-H2O Timeline 2021

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